Mono to Poly..


At some point in the past many who now identify as polyamorous started out as monogamous.

It’s not an easy move to make if you’re already in a previous existing classical monogamous dyad relationship.

I personally found myself in that position and it has not always been plan sailing, but with good honest, open and truthful communication we have made our way through those rough and turbulent seas. We do occasionally get taken by surprise gales but always make it through.

This journey of self discovery has been truly amazing and it’s not always easy, but nothing truly worth having ever is.

I wish any taking their own personal journeys good weather, fair winds and calm seas.

The following blog post inspired this one, please take a look and show your appreciation.

“A few out there skipped Monogamy all together, which fills me with envy and awe.  Several went from Mono to Poly and back to Mono again.”

Source: Story Time! Mono to Poly..

3 thoughts on “Mono to Poly..

  1. Perhaps I’m peculiarly and luckily different. I’ve always seen myself as one-of-three. I’m sure there will be those with a Psychology 101 course in their academic record will say, “Oh, what you REALLY want is a father and mother.” Ah, excuse me; I’m most definitely not pro-incest. Feeling as I and my two scamps do that emotional love arises from physical desire, I’ve never wanted to screw Mom or Dad.

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