Polyamorous Holiday – Survival Guide

Polyamory holiday and three sun loungers

With the date of our first polyamorous holiday moving ever closer I thought it advisable to start do a little research and perhaps learn from other people’s experiences.

I’ve already got over the first hurdle, which was finding a hotel that accepts three adults sharing a room. This was actually a lot easier than expected.

The next challenge seems to be how to strike a balance between just being ourselves and not drawing unwanted attention from other judgemental guests a the resort.

Personally I don’t really care what other people think, but I don’t wish to actively generate unwanted attention.

What ever happens it will be a new adventure and I’m proud to be sharing it with two very special people.

Below are a few links I’ve found that offer some interesting insight on the matter.

Comments, further insight and input welcome as always 🙂

More than two – Polyamorous holidays when you’re the secondary

Poly holiday issues strategies advice


5 thoughts on “Polyamorous Holiday – Survival Guide

  1. Last spring, our quad plus two good friends of ours all went on holidays to an adults only resort in Cuba. We didn’t hide who we were the whole week, and by the end we had made some new friends who we educated the concept of polyamory. Most there said they could never do it, but we didn’t see it sense any judgement from anyone. It was so freeing not to have to hide.

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  2. While the three of us sometimes enjoy flaunting the nature of our relationship, that happens only under specific circumstances. Usually, it’s when we go to a market, or less often, to a shopping mall. (We don’t mall much) We’ll hold hands, or walk arm-in-arm-in-arm, mostly to get a rise out of people. It’s childish, but dayyim, a lot of fun. However, going to dinner at a decent restaurant, or to a small art gallery or small music club (I don’t mean a large dance club, where no-one would notice us flaming away! LOL) to hear a ballad-singer or poet, we are much more reserved. Going on a holiday has yet to happen for us, but we have the opportunity to drive across the USA in mid-September. Our plans are, sleep under the stars where possible, stop in a big name hotel chain to get cleaned up. Generally speaking, desk clerks in hotels like that don’t give a hoot about who is renting a room, because that’s the hotel’s business: make money by renting rooms. In the past, any time that I’ve rented a room with someone to have a night of out-and-out debauchery, we simply made sure that we left it in decent shape and, on those nights when it was another guy and myself, that we aired it out as well. And upon leaving, we always got the same message, although it was canned: “Well, thank you for staying at NoTell Hotel – come again!” To this last, there was one morning when we were leaving some place and when the clerk said “Come again!,” my weary boyfriend mumbled something like, “Oh gawd, you’ll have to wait several hours for THAT!” The clerk cracked up laughing and we walked to the car.

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