Measuring Up

ruler on thigh - measuring up to size

At some point in time everyone starts looking at themselves and think about how they compare with other people, especially from a sexually perspective.

Fixation with size is often an issue for both parties.

  1. Is my penis too small
  2. Is my vigina to big
  3. Is my performance good enough
  4. Are my breast to small

Much if this is driven by the media and porn, both of which often provide unrealistic measures and expectations.

The lack of true empirical evidence is also a major factor and reluctance to face up to our own insecurity.

When you start looking at serious studies you may well be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

I read a lovely blog most on this subject a little while back and it made me smile. Have a look and it may well do the same for you too.

Source: Sex Facts: Measuring Up

2 thoughts on “Measuring Up

  1. Perhaps I was lucky, or woke up super-early in my life (like at about 13) but attraction for me has always been based upon, “Do I like this person?” and “I’m getting set on fire!” Of course when I was a kid (6000 years ago) there was very little I could do about the second reason, but when I’ve paid attention to these two ‘signs’ (not from God, okay?) I’ve not gone wrong. The rest of the world can keep its silicone breasts and long stiff battering rams. They’re not even icing on the cake!

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