Daily questions to ask

Couple holding handsEveryone with polyamory always talks about communication, communication and communication. But no one else really talks about what to actually say.

I read a great blog post on this subject a few days ago and thought it definitely worth sharing.

It’s so easy to simply slip into the everyday mundane and well used pattern of asking a loved one how their day was. True it a good start, but doesn’t really catalyse anything really meaningful unless the recipient takes the initiative.

So perhaps it’s time to take ownership of the conversation and ask more meaningful questions that can help nurture better understanding and communication in general.

I’ve played a game in the past and asked my partners for questions they’d like to ask and this has driven some of the most in depth and revealing conversation we’ve ever had.

Give it a try, trust me it’s fun 🙂

If you need some ideas, have a read of the following post.

“We tend to get stuck on, “How was your day?” Here are some questions you can ask your partner to improve your relationship synergy.”

Source: 7 Daily Q’s to Ask Your Partner

One thought on “Daily questions to ask

  1. Before I forget AGAIN: in 1967 or so, David Crosby was kicked out of the Byrds. He’d written a lovely song, “Triad,” which he recorded with Grace Slick and members of the Jefferson Airplane’ You can listen to it here:

    The three of us communicate these days quite easily. We may sit and swap stories, plan the work needed to be done over the next while, or just plain old toss the bull. Our love and desire for each other is the intense yet quiet backdrop to all of this. There is a sort of ‘meta-atmosphere’ as well. There’s the giggling, naughty-child awareness that we’re shocking to others at times. Then there’s the awareness that we really ARE pioneers, revolutionaries and that we are where we belong. The real communication between us may be a sigh, a smile, a touch of the hand, all of which says, “O how I love you so!”

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