Age – just a number?

Age differences and discrimination

Never really given much consideration to age within my relationships, I’ve always tended to go for people several years my Junior as a rule.

This got me asking myself why? To be honest I can’t really figure it out,  but I guess it’s a combination of how I feel as a person and the qualities I look for and actively seek in my partners.

Age never really comes into the equation, it’s more about who the person is and how they make me feel.

Sometimes it’s just a look, a quirk, a smile or just something you can’t quite put your finger on. An illusive quality that makes me smile and care.

I noticed recently while out shopping some strange looks from other people, those sort of judgemental glances. Personal I’m not bothered by it, I’m happy and so are my partners 🙂

The post below gives an in sight from a different perspective and definitely worth a read.

Comments and in put welcome.

“Age is always a funny topic perhaps more so when identifying as little as least some of the time. I’d never given it much thought until it was pointed out to me that both my partners were you…

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2 thoughts on “Age – just a number?

  1. Oh, you WOULD tempt me, wouldn’t you? Here goes ~
    – When I was 38 I ran into a 46 year old woman when I was out and about and we seemed to just set each other on fire. We did something about it – numerous times! – and then we went for breakfast, having forgotten to shower. When the waitress saw us it was one thing, but then we both heard her make an audible *SNIFF* I still looked like I was in my late 20’s and she certainly looked her age- insanely good build IMHO and all. We started laughing so hard we could hardly finish our pancakes and coffee.
    – When I was 42 I got legal custody of an 18 year old woman had had been declared schizophrenic. Long story, that; suffice to say that my social standing was well-known in my area as a foster parent. Well, she was crazy – sometimes. We were never a physical couple. BUT! We would go places with our arms around each other, or holding hands, just to hear the gasps and see the horrified stares. She looked like she was fourteen and we played it to the hilt. One day while we were waiting in line at a restaurant, she turned to me and said, “Oh, Humbert!” To which I replied passionately, “Oh, Lolita!” She’d heard the couple behind us making snide remarks.
    – Okay, so now I’m an old fuck, as opposed to an old fart – see George Carlin for the explanation – and I have these two beauties in their mid-30’s who are with me almost everywhere. We go about as the Smug Grin Trio. We love it!

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