Troll season

Do not feed the troll

It’s funny how the sun comes out and so do the trolls, I personally thought sunlight turned them to stone.

My comments spam filter seems to be doing its job, their only input on one of my posts was “Fuck off”.

I must admit curiosity got the better of me and I found their little blog to be sadly lack in an substance or have anything of value to say (I wasn’t particularly surprised to be honest).

Heavy usage of the word “retard” or it’s variants seemed to be a theme and helped conjure up the simple image of the usual knuckle dragging, inarticulate, semi evolved simian I normally associate with such feeble mind attempts to provoke a reaction.

I have resisted the urge to name and shame, because I see no good coming of an attempt at dialogue.

My approach as normal is to ignore the troll and wait for them to get bored and find another bridge to hide under away from the sun.

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