i want to have text with you - Sexting

Here’s an interesting subject, which is better words or pictures when “Sexting”?

Personally I suspect it’s a combination of the two, but I guess it all boils down to the parties involved.

I’m definitely of the opinion that “textspeak” is a really turn off but perhaps some abbreviations are acceptable such as “lol”, “omg” and “wtf”.

I truly believe that the brain is probably the biggest sex organ in the human body, sometimes an idea can do more than a picture, but at other times a pictures paints a thousand words.

I unfortunately don’t spend as much time as I’d really like with my partners due to geographical issues, so instant messaging has become a life-line for maintaining communication and sexting is a big part of that.

There are of course a few very important rules that need to be adhered to when  sexting.

  1. Make sure it doesn’t break any rules within your relationship(s)
  2. Agree terms before starting
  3. Consider the time of day and where the recipient is like to be
  4. Take some time to write something worth sending
  5. Proof read any thing you wish to send at least twice
  6. Check that your sending it to the right person several times
  7. Using code words can be fun
  8. Clean up after yourself by erasing history – saves later embarrassment
  9. Don’t do it when your wasted

Before I forget, when it comes down to pictures, sometimes more is less and the proverbial “cock pic” is not that sexy, especially if it includes another object for scale…

The following blog post on the subject is definitely worth a read

“I’m definitely a words person. Give me a well crafted, graphically filthy text message over a picture of someone’s bare flesh any day. That photo could be anyone but a text?”

Source: Sexting – words vs pictures

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