Just bored with one another


Couple that is bored with each other

Being bored is really not a good reason for trying out the polyamorous lifestyle. Any existing relationship has to be strong and pretty much problem free before even considering dipping a toe into polyamory.

Polyamory is not a cure for a failing relationship, it can however add further dimensions to strong one if both parties within the existing dyad are open to the idea.

The next obvious hurdle is the potential need to “date together”, I’m not saying that its wrong but is likely to head in the direction of “Unicorn Hunting”.

Another potential issue is getting carried away with the initial wave of NRE, I’ve been here personally in the past and it was at the expenses of my long term partner. I’ve since learned that it is possible to bring them with you and its the best feeling in the world.

Its important to stress that every poly relationship is likely to be different and be governed by an ever evolving set of ideas and rules. Its always best to trust your gut, go with what works and communicate how your felling at every step.

Have a read of the following and leave a comment if you like.

“I went out to dinner with a girlfriend the other night and we got to talking about our relationships and she asked if Jared and I still have sex on our own, i.e without a third (or fourth) party present.”

Source: Oh, you’re just bored with one another

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