Sugar Baby and Daddy

Never really been a fan of the whole “Daddy Dom” idea but I gave it a try a while back after chatting with a friend from the scene who I’d consider to be a Daddy Dom in spades.

I was pleasantly surprised how it made me feel and I would not necessarily rule it out again in the future.

I’ve never really had an issue with age differences in relationships and have seen many with gulfs as large as 30 years work amazingly well. I would admit that I’m drawn to younger partners (above the age of consent obviously), but I suspect that says more about the inner me than the number of rings you’d count if you sawed me in half and counted.

My long term partner and wife is almost 9 years my junior and my girlfriend is 20+ years younger, but for me age really doesn’t count for anything. I guess I just like people, no matter what gender, age, race or sexual orientation.

It’s how they make me feel that really counts.

The following quote is from one of my favourite bloggers, every post she shares normally makes me smile and this one made me laugh. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and show your appreciation accordingly.

“I want a sugar daddy,” says the vegan, stirring her gin and tonic wistfully, “but I would never—like—do anything sexual with him or anything.” “Interesting,” I say.  I chug my pineapple vodka.”

I must confess I’m not a sugar daddy but I do like to spoil my partners when I feel the urge.

Source: How to be a Successful Sugar Baby

One thought on “Sugar Baby and Daddy

  1. I don’t know which made me laugh more, your meme of the young lady begging Chanel, or the little tale about the vegan.
    Over the years my bed-mates were my contemporaries, or younger, with one quite older. My loves Sara and Ceannt are in their 30s to my being 67. We’re happy.

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