Poly Holidays

Polyamory in the sand

How do you go about booking a holiday for more than two people?

The answers is actually quite simple like many things, you ask and check out loads of resorts and hotels.

Many will happily offer an additional bed for three adults sharing as long as it’s a large room or suite. Te decision to use that additional bed or just all cuddle up together is down to the people involved and the physical limitations of the bed provided.

So with these thoughts in mind I recently booked a holiday for three in Greece.

The next issue is around public shows of affection between all of us during the day and evening,  I personally don’t wish to ruin anyone’s holiday. So we are all going to sit down and discuss it at some point I guess. Personally I suspect it’s going to be rather amusing watching the reactions of of fellow guests.

A King and two Queens

Keeping my personal ego in check while on holiday with too such amazing people is going to be awfully hard.

On an interesting side note, I’ve noticed I’m currently be stalked by various forms of advertising on the internet for beach wear. I suspect it’s been caused by the links to items I’ve been sent to inspect in the last week.

During my search I did notice that only the better quality resorts and hotels seem to offer the option of three adults sharing a room. I might be jumping to conclusions, but this tends to suggest that poly folk are being better catered to by the four and five star hotel, what pain and agony…

I’m really looking forward to it, I really need some sun and a break badly.

Expect numerous post while we’re away in early summer.

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