Poly Relationship Shapes – Part 2

Polyamorous relationship constellation shape

A little while back posted about “Poly Relationship Shapes” and I had pause for thought about the Triad being used to describe a “Vee” relationship

Just to recap, I defined the relationship shapes in the following manner:-

Vee shape poly realtionshipVee

Is a polyamorous relationship involving three people, in this form one person is romantically or sexually involved with two partners who are not romantically or sexually involved with each other.


Triad poly relationship shapeTriad

The term ‘Triad’ is applied to a relationship in which all three people are sexually and emotionally engaged with all of the other members of the triad.

I then went on to express my feelings about use the term “Triad” to also describe a “Vee”

“The term is sometimes also applied to Vee relationships, but I’m not sure its strictly correct.”

My thoughts on this matter have changed since chatting with both my partners, they are of the opinion that neither shape truly describes our relationship structure, because their is clearly a relationship forming between them which is hard to describe and is constantly evolving and changing on a daily basis.

Then the following relationship shape was suggested as a better representation and we agreed it was best defined as a “Soft Triad”

Soft Triad poly relationship shape

I particularly like this idea, because it gives the people involved the time to understand, define and develop how their relationship will work without any pressure or preconceptions imposed upon them.

So maybe we have just added a new description to the every change world of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy.

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