Weekend for Three

Dinner for three by the fireside

Going out for a meal with my partners for the first time was so much fun a few weekends ago. We spent a while sitting in the bar waiting to be seated chatting which was cool. At varies point their hands joined within mine for reassurance and comfort which made me feel so special.

I spent most of the evening watching the pair of them enjoying a bottle of wine because I was driving and the evening was more about them getting to know each other than me.

It was good listening to their conversation as the liberal application of alcohol helped them both relax around each other.The conversation just bounced around and flowed in such an easy and natural manner.

They are both quite similar in many ways yet very different in others and its those differences which make me appreciate their company in different ways.

I’m so glad we took the plunge and dived right in, it was important to me that they met and became real for each other. Since that time the compersion they show each other and me has naturally grown. I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome that evening, I believe that they bring out the best in me and each other.

I have made a concious decision from the start not to interfere in the way that their friendship develops.I plan to hold true to this position, but I’m glad they get on and like each other as metamours. They are both very open with me and that makes such a difference.

It was a wonderful evening, full of love, care honesty and understanding – Thank you 🙂

In my eyes they are both unicorns in the true sense of the word, by unicorns I mean rare and special people that enter out lives and make them richer.

The next day we went out for a trip together but that’s another story

The following quote is from an interesting blog post I read a while back which describes a similar situation. Have a read and feel free to leave a comment about a similar experience you may have had.

“This weekend was amazing.  I have not posted in several weeks – what can I say.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  I spent the weekend with my new boyfriend and his wife.”

Source: Table for Three

5 thoughts on “Weekend for Three

  1. Many years ago, in my first trio, we went to an ice cream bar. We were feeling very mischievous and full of fun that night. At the service counter, He turned to Her and asked, “What would you like, Honey?” The clerk smiled as she answered, “I’d like a dish of vanilla ice cream, nothing on it, sweetie!” Then He turned to Me and asked, “What about you, sweetheart?” The clerk turned pale as I replied, “Chocolate milkshake, darlin!” As the clerk continued to stare with dropped jaw, He concluded with, “And I would like a dish of mint chocolate chip with chocolate syrup!” The clerk stood there for a good thhirty seconds, staring at us, looking at each of us in turn. He put his arms around Us both and We all just smiled at him. Finally, he got into action and a few minutes later he came up to the counter going “Here you are Here you are!” When We turned to walk to a table, people made a wide berth for Us. I should add for those who don’t know me, I’m a guy.

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