The Truth

Relationship break ups and broken hearts

I love the idea of fighting for a relationship, but not every battle will ends as we would like.

We have to accept that some things are just not meant to be. It hurts, it cuts, we bleed.

Daring to love is a risky business, we lay ourselves open and share our inner selves.

If it goes well we are only limited by our capacity to embrace it for what it truly is.

If it goes badly we will crash and burn in an all consuming ball of painful emotions.

So why do we dare to love, to trust and open up. I believe that we are all hardwired to some degree and drawn to what we need, want and desire like moths to a flame. The trick is to fly close enough to enjoys it’s light and warmth without be set alight and utterly destroyed.

We also share many similarities with the phoneix, because we have the ability to rise again from a failed relationships immolation ashes and try again.

Dare to love, dare to care, ┬ábe brave and open because it’s worth it.

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