Harmless Flirtation

Flirtation -  attention without intention

Sometimes a little flirtation can be a very good thing. It makes the person doing te flirting and person being flirted at feel good about themselves. 

It fact I’d go as far as saying I’d positively encourage my partners to practice it when every they feel like it.

The following quote is from a blog post on the subject, we could all learn a bit from the people concerned.

“My wife and I were boing through town today and a guys whistled (yes whistled) at her from a car. My wife works hard to stay in shape, looks great and really likes this type of positive feedback. . I could tell it made her feel really good.”

We flirt because we like giving and receiving the attention because we are a very social species, so it’s natural in our genes.

Flirting is also an art, so it needs regular practice. Don’t be afraid, give it a go sometime today, you might be surprised how much it makes you and the recipient smile.


  1. behaviour that demonstrates a playful sexual attraction to someone.

Source: A Little Harmless Flirtation

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