Monogamy to Polyamorous

Polyamory hearts

I still consider myself fairly new to polyamory, my thoughts and feelings about it are still changing and evolving on a daily basis. I suspect that it is one of the reasons that I like to read and write so much about the subject.

Making the transition from monogamy to poly has not been any easy ride by any stretch of the imagination. I have made so many mistakes and learned important lessons from each one.

My long term partner has been amazingly understanding throughout the journey and I truly look forward to watching them catch their own first wave of NRE. I have also learned that all I can do is be there to support, encourage and love them when it happens.

I am stock pile good thoughts and loving feelings for them so I can offer up the compersion to make that first step an amazing experience for them and any partner they choose.

I’m sure that I’ll probably be jealous, but I hope I have learned how to deal with that emotion when it rises, via open, honest and truthful communication.

I will not make the same mistake as others and force them into trying something just for the sake of it. That would be wrong and guaranteed to end in tears.

Polyamory is not for everyone and I accept that, but in my view it has changed my life for the better and I’m glad I had the courage to embrace it.

One thought on “Monogamy to Polyamorous

  1. Beautimus sunshine ^.^ It has definitely been different lol I’m still altering how I think about all of it myself, and it is absolutely an adventure. I had jealousy issues with it, which blindsided me, because I have never had those problems before, but after time and conversation, it definitely went away. At least you are prepared for it, I bet that will help you deal with it when it comes up

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