Polyamory and sexual health

Polyamory and sexual health

I’ve been doing a lot of investigation and reading around this subject during the last few months and I’ve come to a couple of very interesting and actually surprising conclusions.

Polyamory is actually a positive force for good safe sex and the promotion of sexual health.

“Why you may ask?”

Basically because the whole basis of the polyamorous movement stems from being open and honest. The usual issues around discussing sex and sexual health as a whole become easier to overcome.

One area of particular interest is the subject of fluid bonding.

I’ve previously been in a fluid bonded triad and it included all going together to be tested, which was actually quite a liberating experience for me personally. It’s something I’d highly recommend to anyone, because it means you take responsibility for yourself and the health of your partners seriously.

Another blogger that I follow posted a wonderful article on the subject which is definitely worth a read.

I particularly like the way that the original author makes me question what I consider to be fluid bonding and makes some very astute observations on the subject in general.

Source: Fluid bonded and condoms *post from Fetlife*


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