The meeting of the Metamour’s

Forget the past and begin again

Just had the most incredible weekend ever, so let me explain why.

This weekend I met my other half’s partner, who he’s been seeing for just over a months now.

We have been communicating on and off for for the last few weeks and getting to know each other. So I managed to ship the children off to their grandparents for a week, it therefore seemed like a perfect opportunity to finally meet up face-to-face and meet my metamour.

Now having been in a poly triad relationship previously, which unfortunately ended very badly, I have been experiencing a few emotions as I was afraid that history would most likely repeat itself,  but it couldn’t have been more different.

This weekend I have been shown a level of compersion that I have never previously experienced in the past and it therfore allowed me to let down barriers that I had put in place, which I never thought I would ever be able to lower again.

I found myself coming back to my old self again and wanting to giving care and compersion back in return.

We clicked like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, this person is not only my metamour but in most respects I would like to class them as my equal.

As they both left tonight, I felt sadness that the weekend was over and where I expected to feel jealousy, I found happiness knowing that they had each others company during the week ahead.

I shall miss them both and cannot wait for our next meeting x.

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