Envy VS Jealousy

Envy versus JealousyI find the whole concept of envy versus Jealousy quite an interesting concept.

It is perhaps easier to mistake the two emotion then I had previously considered especially when thinking about what happens between a partner and a metamour.

As always communication is likely to be the key, because both emotions often stem from our own Insecurity and can easily be protected inadvertently on to those we really care about.

The following is a extract from a blog post on the subject which I would very insightful.

Take a look and see what you think, feel free to also leave a comment upon the subject or share an experience of this phenomena.

“Who will win today’s Death Match. Will it be Envy, fulfilling the very thing she has wanted for so long. Or Jealousy as she fears the loss of her new status in the world.”

Source: Polyamorous Death Match: Envy VS Jealousy

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