Insecurity kills all that is beautiful

Insecurity can often be the cause of many issues within a relationship, or perhaps how we deal with them.

There seems to be a fairly unlimited number of ways that it can manifest itself and this is even more true when complicated relationship structures are involved.

Take for example something as simple as knowing that a poly partner has kissed or hugged your metamour.

This can summon up a whole plethora of hidden insecurities and emotions that may well haves been sitting dormant within are subconscious just waiting to rise to the surface.

The only truly useful advice I can give is talk about them, discuss them and make other partners aware of them. Insecurities are a part of us which we all have to accept so we can move forward within our lives, loves and personal growth.

The following is from a short post upon the subject, I think it sums it up very well.

“It’s an ugly creature, it grows like mold in the most vulnerable of wounds. Between the cracks of logic it spreads it’s roots.”

Source: insecurity

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