Close your eyes

Found a wonderful article about the subject of kissing, which is probably the first stage of any romantic relationship.

It’s been scientifically proven that humans actually gain a taste for each other via this basic show of affection.

But have you ever considered why we often close our eyes during a kiss?

Is it because we are embarrassed or just not want to be caught staring into the recipients eyes?

The actual answer is in fact quite obvious when you think about it. Our lips are jammed packed with sensory nerves and our brains tend to prefer to enjoy one sense at a time,  so we literally shutdown as much input from our other senses so we can concentrate upon the kiss.

The article link below goes into more detail if your interested.

So just remember, next time you kiss a loved one, close your eyes and enjoy the sensation.

Source: This Is Why We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss

One thought on “Close your eyes

  1. OMFG I love kissing ^.^ It doesn’t really matter if it’s a sexual thing or not. I think it’s wonderfully passionate and I may have a tendency of kissing my friends as well (providing of course they are down for it) I just absolutely adore it lol
    I didn’t know about why we close our eyes, so that was cool ^.^
    Thank you as always for another great post, and have a beautiful day sunshine!

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