I love my metamourI’d never come across the word Metamour until I started reading about polyamory.

The literally meaning of this interesting word has two simple parts, meta = with; about &  amor = love. So basically the partner of one’s poly partner, with whom one does not share a direct sexual or loving relationship.

e.g. My husband’s girlfriend is my metamour

Life as the pivot between two people you care about can be complicated and a bit of a balancing act but we’ll worth the effort.

Being a Metamour may have certain connotation related to it depending upon the shape or structure of your relationships. Inversely if your on the other side,  just because a metamour is somebody with whom you don’t share a direct loving relationship it is still important to understand that you still sharing a relationship with them of a completely different nature. You’re sharing time, energy, and commitment. You’re sharing another person.

So be prepared, this is another relationship that requires time, energy and understanding. I can’t stress how important getting this dynamic right can be, it is laying the foundations for the future.

Metamour and compersion cartoon

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