How do kids factor into the poly equation?

Polyamory families and children

This is an area of polyamory that’s often forgotten about, but worth some serious thought when starting or considering starting a new relationship if either party has children.

In my past poly triad relationship it wasn’t really too much of an issue, effectively two families became one. The elder children where fully aware of what was going on and the younger ones just accepted it.

My kids are now starting to become more aware and so I need to seriously consider how to manage the situation in the future.

I have noticed that children are much more accepting and understanding then perhaps we give them credit. We are social animals and they seem to be far more aware of that than some so called ‘Adults’.

I would also suggest that being up front about having children is always a good idea. We often talk about ‘Couple Privileges’, but I’ve never seen anyone talking about ‘Offspring Privileges’.

I’ve also provided a link to a related post for reference.

Source: How do kids factor into the poly equation?


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