Poly lag & drop

Polyamory lag and drop

I recently came across a couple of new terms relating to polyamory that I was not previously aware of called poly lag and poly drop.

I suspect that anyone thats ever been involved in any form of polyamorous relationship may have either witnessed or experienced.

Poly lag is best described as the delayed feeling that you get after spending time with a poly partner. Many visitor involve staying up way beyond normal sleeping times and do your best to wring out ever valuable minute together at the expense of rest. Also the later emotion crash resulting from separation and getting back into the normal day to day pattern of life.

Poly drop is even worse, it is the delayed feelings that rises up a while after the visit reality bubble finally bursts. It is then followed by a deep period of self analysis and going back over everything in detail. The result is often the concentration upon a number of small points and building them up into bigger issues as they are over thought. This action is generally subconscious and best described as an emotional reflex action.

During my last complex poly relationship I suspect that all members of the triad tended to suffer these effects following a weekend together. I am glad I can now identify them and work upon management methods when they arise again in the future.

Tel following post was the source and inspiration for mine,  thank you for helping me understand.

Source : Poly lag

3 thoughts on “Poly lag & drop

  1. I know poly lag way too well ^.^ 0.o I spend a lot of time on the phone with G at the end of the day, and there have been more than a few times that we’ve talked into the AM. I get up at 5:30 AM, and like last night, I stayed up talking to her until 3:30 AM.
    I’ve not experienced poly drop as of yet, but I’m sure it’ll happen at some point.
    Thanks for this post sunshine, I’ve never heard of either of these either!

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  2. Thanks for your thoughts on those two terms! I wrote about poly drop in more detail in another entry- a better description of it is that it is more like a emotional and physical biochemical crash that happens 2-3 days after a poly visit. Overthinking definitely tends to happen as well 🙂

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