Fuck toy…

Fuck toy collar

I had these two little words used as a weapon to hurt me and it gave me great pause for thought since that time.

I’ve since realised that it in fact was missing any context and that’s why it hurt. It should have been prefixed with words like adorable, gorgeous, amazing, wonderful, naughty or loveable.

So I plan to reclaim these two little words and make them mine, but only when used with additional words of my choosing that give them context and meaning.

Being a submissive fuck toy involes a lot of dedication and hard work for all parties. It includes training, guidance, help, provision of learning resources, homework, sexual etiquette, tips, mental conditioning & re-education.

It is also worth noting that this is a consensual form of play and that requires lots of negotiation, communication and understanding.

So as I said earlier, I plan to reclaim these words and the wonderful gift when someone wishes to claim that role.

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