Kitten Play & Poly

Kitten pet play

So what is kitten play?

So let’s start with the basics, kitten play is a sub category of pet play, which in turn is a facet of BDSM.
I must admit that I personally consider kitten play to be an excellent first step into the wonderful world of kink.

Kitten Play is a form of domination and submission. The kitten or pet, is the submissive, while Dom, owner, or guardian role is assumed by the dominant.
The major component of kitten play, and pet play in general, is a feeling like having someone taking care of the submissive.
When acting in kitten play role, the submissive will meow, bite, scratch, or perform any other cat like behavior towards the dominant that they feel like.
The dominant/owner will in return play with their kitten, and reward them for being good.
Although, the full system of punishment & reward is a part of this practice it is not an necessary component for this type of D/’s play.
Kitten ears for pet play
The wearing of ears, collar and tail is often a key factor with regards to getting into the right head space for many kittens.
Personal I would probably admit to having a fetish for this form of pet play as a Dom, I suspect this has a lot to do with the fact I find it both amusing and relaxing. It is perhaps also related to the fact that it takes the pressure off me as a Dom compared to the more formal types of BDSM play, but mainly because it makes me smile 🙂
So whats the connection between kitten play and poly?
No direct link to be honest,  but for me both are about a relationship of understanding and forefilling a need to care or be cared for.

2 thoughts on “Kitten Play & Poly

  1. I think there is a direct connection of sorts. Any sort of sub/dom play requires a large amount of communication, as does any sort of poly relationship

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