Monogamy is all about sex


I do like blog posts like this that give me pause for thought, you sometime have to actively look for a new perspective on life. It’s an interesting and unique view on the whole concept of ‘Monogamy’.

“Monogamy is often built off of some basis of forced restraint and/or lying, often, this is not done purposely, but if you like someone else as well as your partner, you can’t say so.”

Polyamory by its nature gives a person to ability to be open and truthful about there personal wants, needs and desires. That change of mindset can be a bit of a surprise, but the rewards for all parties are quite profound.

Learning to care about more than one person at a time is tricky, there is no one right way to do it. Any book or article needs to be treated as insight rather that fact, there are no true manuals that is something we all have to work out for ourselves.

Take a look at the following post and make your own mind up.

Source: Monogamy is all about sex

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