Love is love

love-is-love--mediumLife is more often than not a battle with pain and struggle; the rest is made up of good stuff, love, sex and great food. 

For the tiny cosmic blink of an eye that we get to spend on this tiny blue speck of an amazing planet, we can’t go far wrong than simply accept that love is love, no matter what form it takes.

Any discrimination against that love is a malignant disease of the heart and we get enough of that from our modern diets.


Grab life and love by the scruff of the neck, embrace it, use it and above all love it. You only truly regret things you didn’t do and avoiding them is a fast track to complacency and loss of joy.

Being poly has shone a light upon how rich many loves can be, only last night I got to feel true compersion,  it was amazing.

Lust is a truly under rated emotion and undeserving of its label as a sin in some people’s eyes. Cast off those shackles of guilt and embrace it, as long as there is also love in your heart.

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