Ready, steady and date


Feeling alive again, time to get on with my life and it’s a good one.

I’ve learned so much in the last year about who I am and what drives me to be poly.

Underneath my hard outer armoured shell I’m a soft soul and driven by my emotions.

I sometimes come across as emotionally detached but that’s just my natural defense mechanism. When someone gets inside that hard outer case they get to met the real me.

I adore the feeling I get from caring for someone and helping people. I’m naturally drawn to those in need of my support and help, it gives me purpose in return and that’s important for me as a person.

I sometimes wear my heart upon my sleeve, which is not a bad thing but lays me open to being hurt. When that happens the armour goes on, the walls go up and I distance myself from any would be attacker.

Understanding this about myself is important, I’ve learned from my mistakes and accept that I’ve made many. This does not make me a bad person,  it only goes to confirm that I’m human. This is also why my wife, primary or significant other is so important to me and a fundamental centre of my life and world.

Within any future poly relationships, I must make this clear to any perspective partners. It’s not that I don’t value them as people, just that I have an existing commitment which is not really open to debate. Any such compromise negotiation on this point needs to be held with all parties taking an equal seat at the table.

So we’re does that leave me?

I’m married,  poly, open, kink’d and proud. I dare to love more and that’s not going to change.

Anyone that adds to this is more than welcome and will be provided with everything that I’m free to give.

2 thoughts on “Ready, steady and date

  1. What a beautiful post! I’m in a very similar situation in terms of anyone coming in needing to understand dynamics between a particular person. That person for me is R, even if we aren’t involved at the moment.
    I love your writings Takate! You are very good at wording things. Have a beautiful day sunshine!

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