Poly hater’s

I woke up this morning to a new message from a site I’d joined a while back, so I was really excited to see what it said.

I quickly discovered that I had came across my first real poly hater this morning.


Here is a little extract from that message

“I don’t see why people like you are on a site like this and have a status of married and poly, why don’t you just delete your profile and stop sneaking around behind your wife’s back… “

I must admit I was rather taken back by such a full faced assault at 7:30 am on a Monday morning. Personally I like to at least have a coffee before I get verbally slapped by a complete stranger, making ill informed judgements about me and my situation.

However I must have been slightly more awake them usual and decided to read my would be messaging assailants profile.

It became most apparent that someone has been deeply hurt in the past and effectively been left for dead on the relationship front. It would seem for some reason I became the target of all the insecurity and pain via projection.

I’m wondering if I should reply or just leave them to wallowing in the self generated hole of pity.

So I have decided not to feed the troll, in fact I feel sorry for them.

The amount of emotional baggage this person is carrying around to warrant such an attack on a complete stranger obviously makes them a real catch in the dating word.

Some people really need to love themselves a bit more.

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