Seven Day Ghost


I made the concious effort about a week ago to no longer look at an ex-poly partners blog or other public facing mediums, including removing them from my reader feeds.

I won’t go into the details out of respect for them, but it wasn’t a great split and has caused a lot of hurt for many parties, it is enough to say that like any break up there are differing views.

The relief of not worrying about how and what they are doing has really been a major part of the healing process.

I truly wish them all the happiness in the future and really do hope that they find what they’re looking for.

The term “ghosting“, which is also sometimes referred to as the “slow fade”, is the pervasive act of one dater ending  a relationship by simply disappearing and shutting off all forms of interaction.

The ghost does not give an real explanation of any sort and in effect leaves the ghosted party wondering where he or she really went wrong.

This concept isn’t really new, but has become quite common in dating circles since the advent and rise of on-line dating and internet communication in general.

I wonder if the smell of their perfume will be the last thing to fade or just the love I feel for them …



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