Polyamory and being on the rebound

rebound-relationshipBeen a tough couple of months and life is really busy, so I’m making a concious decision to move towards a more poly-passive state for the time being.

Rebound relationships are a great way to shore up any insecurity and boost your personal ego, but more than likely to hurt an innocent person and damage their life in the process.

I really just don’t have the time or bandwidth at the moment to give any new relationship the attention it would deserves and requires, so its an obvious and responsible choice.

However, being poly-passive does not mean that I’ve given up looking for my happy place, I just don’t plan to rush into anything new or actively go out looking for it.

I’m a true believer in karma, so I’m going to let the fates decide. I’m actually looking forward to renewing old acquaintances and spending my time wisely.

Life is a journey, not a race and the same is very true of being poly.

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