Catching Up

I’ve had a wonderful Sunday catching up with some old friends over Sunday Lunch. The type of friends that you can just pick up the conversation with after any period of time, it was great and well needed.

These friends in the past, have also been involved with the ‘scene’ and it was interesting comparing notes on what we’ve learned about ourselves and out of our relationships, over the last twelve months.


It seems like we are all trying to find our happy place again after a year of major change and discovery. I see a few nights out on the cards, visits to venues and the various clubs we all attended in the past happening again.

One interesting conversation revolved around the subject of swinging vs open-relationship vs polyamory, I can see a new post forming as I type this in fact.

I’m also looking closely at the concept of ‘Relationship Anarchy’, the concept that love is abundant and infinite and that all forms of love are created equal. It suggests that relationships can and actually should develop naturally with no governance set or defined by rules or expectations provided by outside sources of influence – sounds complicated or simple, but I’m not sure which yet.

Personally I suspect it may well be a bridge too far, I seek a degree of order and stability in my life which perhaps this lifestyle philosophy could not provide by its very nature and concept. Further investigation required…

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey and seeking out new distractions from the day-to-day pressures of life. Love is a wonderful thing and I plan to fill my life and those around me with it.

Relationship Anarchy Source: “Relationship Anarchy Basics”

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