The Unicorn Hunting Assumption

unicorn-in-the-sunHow do you write a dating profile as a poly person when you have a significant other?

Is it actually possible to avoid the unicorn hunter assumption?

I started thinking about this problem quite a bit and considered loads of different wordings but nothing ever seemed to eliminate this issue completely.

It’s true that we would enjoy finding a woman who was able to enjoy a relationships with us as a mega family, so I guess we just have to keep our eyes open for just such a partner again.

Have we by default become the unicorn hunters I dislike so much? From an third party perspective and appearances I think that this might be very possible 😦

However, my partner and I know in our hearts that this is just not truly the case.

The million dollar question is how to let the world know we are not unicorn hunters but would like to find someone that may inadvertently become one – because unicorns are really special.

I personally think that anyone who took the time to get to know either of us would realise we aren’t unicorn hunters. But the bottom line is, I don’t know if it can or will happen.

Another Source: “Love Letters to a Unicorn”

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