What is a Male Unicorn…

An interesting concept came into my mind and took root earlier today…

“How do you define a ‘Male’ unicorn and do they exist?”


So what constitutes a male unicorn…

  • Is it just a single bisexual male?
  • Is it a single male joining an existing Female-Female couple?
  • Is it a single bisexual male joining an existing Male-Male couple?
  • Is it a single bisexual male joining a Male-Female couple?
  • Or maybe even a straight male joining a Male-Female couple?

At this point my head almost exploded…

I find the whole idea of a male partner being called a ‘unicorn’ quite hysterical 🙂

Then I though about it some more, maybe ‘unicorn’ is not really the right word, perhaps the term ‘horse’ would be more appropriate, because it’s sort of like a unicorn, but rather common and overall a bit mundane; another viable description might be just plain ‘lucky ‘. 

You to may have also noted that the number of ‘unicorn hunters’ actively seeking a male, cis or trans third party is generally quite rare.

I then turned my attention to the Urban Dictionary, it did not disappoint;

Unicorn Men

Unicorn Men YEW-ni-CORN MEH-n

1. A kind of man that, because of his conditions, cannot do certain things, but can do certain others.
I: They flip their hair often, because they were unicorns in their past lives. Unicorns prefer to have their glorious horns clean and shined, so they do not like hair on it.
II: They enjoy tackling each other, especially in front of females, because that was how unicorn males used to attract their mates.

III: The Unicorn Men cannot PWN, which is derived from the word OWN. This is because PWNing requires a strong spirit. Though Unicorn Men appear strong for their female interests, they are truly very gentle and slightly wimpy.

IV: Surprisingly, Unicorn Men actually can attract females very easily. Scientists have been struggling for years with how this is done.

V: Unicorn Men are always not the brightest. Humans are the most evolved, because it was a long way to come from apes, but Unicorn Men somehow evolved into human form from unicorns. So, they are not the brightest, because though unicorns were pearly white and beautiful, they were also very stupid.

I hope you leave this post enlightened or at least laugh.

8 thoughts on “What is a Male Unicorn…

  1. I don’t usually comment on other people’s blogs. It’s your space. But, I couldn’t help but notice a distinctly sexist and negative view of masculinity. I guess I’m just disappointed that people within the poly community (a community about loving people) would perpetuate derogatory sexist tropes. I hope you reconsider future posts to be inclusive and perpetuate the love our community was built to foster and see flourish. Take care,

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    1. Thank for your unique perspective on the matter, I suspect you failed to grasp the underlying humour.
      I personally consider the term ‘unicorn’ only fit for a single perhaps, defining very rare and special people in my life, irrespective of their biological sex or gender.
      Please forgive any offence taken because none was intended.

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  2. Woohoo someone who understands that men can be unicorns. Male unicorns ate certainly not common though! I know very few Men tbat activly seek couples for sex and rekllationships. I think we are as rare as female unicorns. There are many men who seek sex with someones wife or girlfriend but those are not unicorns they ate just regular straight men. Also many people think that unicorn hunters are all couples seeking a bi woman to please the man. Not true. Many unicorn hunters and swingers are looking for someone to please the woman. Very very often I have been invited to fuck a couple and the guy just watches or takes a bit of part in it. Also very untrue and sexist that all threesomes are for the husband or the couples pleasure and that bit about not having orgasms is stupid. I am a unicorn and I have always been the centre of attention in threesomes and had many orgasmsm where are you getting this data. Couples always treat me so well and it has always been about pleasuring me and never about the couple just getting off or reconecting. I love being a bi male unicorn 😍.


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