Riding the wave

polyamory-nre-waveI can smell rain on the air and hear thunder in the distance, but a least I’m heading away from it. 

I really have no idea at this moment what the future holds for me, I guess I just need to recharge my batteries before I take the next step.

I miss having certain people in my life right now, letting go is really tough. It’s amazing how many stages of grief you can put yourself through.

I did however have a good chat with someone this week and they actually understood what I have been going through and why it hurts so much.

I’ve learned that there is probably no such thing as closure. I the have to remind myself again,  that there is no such thing as closure…

I’m also sure that I made the right decision a while back and if I really look hard the decision was really made late last year. You live and learn.

I have promised myself not to make the same mistakes while riding the crest of the NRE wave, it’s quite a ride. But when the wave finally breaks it’s a long way down and the possibility of drowning is extremely high.

Luckily I’m  a strong swimmer, so I need to get back up and wait for the next wave.

Poly, proud and imperfect, but full of love for the world and those wiling to embrace it with me.

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