Lazy Sunday


It’s going to be a slow, lazy Sunday and I’m planning on making the most of it. It’s further improved by the fact that I don’t have to drive down south for work this evening (about 200 miles).

I actually quite like the drive down sometimes, I can catch up with people on the phone (built in hand-free) or listen to the radio. I do like conversational radio stations, I like to hear people talking and expressing themselves.

I was brought fresh coffee in bed this morning,  it was hot, dark and very intense. Just the way I like many other things in my life.

Also had rather a nice chat with someone online about being poly. Every time I do that, I’m greeted by a new perspective on other peoples views and also my own. Interesting how a simple chat can get the little grey cells moving and often in an unexpected direction.

Also been rather a busy day on the blog writing wise, my inability to complete posts has began to lift so expect a flood as the posts appear over the next few weeks.

I’m in a really positive mood in general and probably helped by some real sunshine outside. The sun is still low in the sky but my general feeling of well being is lifting as the days start to lengthen.

I suspect tonight will be a movie night, we watched “Inside Out” last night and I was surprising by an interesting perspective on the feeling of sadness.

Time to go and do something useful.

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