Lost for words

Lost for words

It’s not often that I get to a point when I don’t have anything to say or share, but I guess that today’s the day.

I’ve got well over twenty posts sitting in various states of progress but none of them seem ready to share with the world. So what do I go and do…  Start a new one – Duh!

Writing a post about not having anything to write seemed like a logical step and is actually going quite well, so my general sense of wellbeing has improved dramatically in the last few minutes.

I have so many ideas, hopes, fears and dreams flying around inside my head. Add to this the wonderful aroma of southern fried chicken and curly fries wafting down to hall from the kitchen. Life is pretty good right now I guess.

Supper is over and I’m now watching the Scotland vs Wales Rugby match, which is part of the ongoing six nations.

This has just reminded me that I spent a lot of time in a local pub during the rugby world cup with both of my partners. That was a fantastic way to spend a weekend, three people, crazy about each other, enjoying each others company and not giving a damn about anyone else and occasionally screaming at the television while soaking up the atmosphere; good times.

It’s little things like that, which make poly such an amazing experience. I regret nothing.

I found my happy place once, I’ve tasted the good stuff. Life will never be the same again and I’m so glad my eyes are open to all the possibilities.

Maybe a post on the grief caused by a relationship breakdown is next on the cards. Another post,  just what I need… 

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