Rent Control

Pay Rent

An interest concept was voiced a while ago about paying rent within a relationship. It did not however discuss how you define or decide what level of rent is actually due or the form it can take.

The concept of rent control is a hot topic when talking about about the typical landlord / tenant relationship. However it’s probably fair to say that the same concept can also be applied to paying rent within a relationship.

Rent control is normally applied to restrict and manage sudden rises or incremental periodic increases.

As a relationship matures and changes you can probably expect the level and form of rent to change. But it is quite possible that the new level my not be acceptable to the payee and this is likely to be where communication and negotiation comes into play.

Obviously if the communication ceases or negotiation fails the landlord and payee are clearly free to part company.

I find myself in such a position, effective the demand for an increase in rent was unrealistic, not negotiable, so I have no other choice than to end the relationship.

I hold the other party no malice and wish them every success with their future relationships. It’s not that I don’t care,  I just can’t afford the level of rent and terms being offered.

I am trying to let them go and end the hurt, it’s probably for the best.

Original Source: Always pay your rent

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