Forgiving Ourselves

self-forgiveness-transSometimes we need to forgive ourselves for everything and understand that life is really a journey and not just a sprint.

I guess learning to forgive yourself is not an easy thing and will take time, patience, and bravery.

My new mantra

  1. I must recognise why I need to forgive myself
  2. I must accept that no-one is perfect, especially myself
  3. I must accept that mistakes do not make me a bad person
  4. I must learning from my past choices, decisions and mistakes
  5. I must be honest with myself about my actions
  6. I must stop rationalising and start taking responsibility for my actions
  7. I must embrace and accept the guilt that I am feeling
  8. I will ask for forgiveness for others
  9. I must be more mindful, so I may grow
  10. I must let go of the past and embrace the future
  11. I must not be afraid to start anew
  12. I must plan for a better future
  13. I will affirm my personal values and beliefs
  14. I will clearly define my needs versus my wants and desires
  15. I will never stop letting people into my life

One word will be my first step – “Sorry”

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