The good thing about demons.


I wrote this a while ago and I would now like to share it.

In the beginning I thought my demons were bad they were my jealousy they made me feel feelings which I didn’t know I could feel.

I questioned myself why do I feel like this? Why do I act like this? I have fought with my demons long and hard.

Now when they appear I try to turn them into a positive by thinking and knowing that the two other people in my life are happy. This is not always possible, but I know that talking and telling the two other people exactly what is going through my head and why I feel the way I feel about the situation at the time.

I have also realised that the reason I have my demons is because I care, I love, and every time my demons appear it is a reminder that I love them both deeply with all my heart.

It’s when the demons disappear that I know that there’s a problem. Because that means that I no longer love and no longer care.

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