Polyamory – “The New Gay?”

Sometimes you just stumble across an interesting post or article. This is one of those times, as we start to see the concept of non-traditional relationship structures hitting the mainstream.


I’m finding pieces like this more and more at the moment. Perhaps it’s always been there and I just haven’t really noticed, either way it’s nice to see the subject coming up and being discussed more openly.

I recently “Came out” so to speak, to a number of my work colleagues, it’s been rather liberating. I only wish I could be more open about how I feel with more people, but I fear some of them will never really understand or accept it.

The last year has been a truly eye-opening journey of self discovery, but a road well worth travelling. I have found out what I want, what I need and in some cases why I desire it.

My personal voyage is really only just begun, I suspect my views and perspective will change along the way.

Original Source: “The New Gay?”

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