Unicorn Hunters are a ‘larval form’ of poly

Posted by Bronwyn

I’ve been doing a lot of digging and investigation into unicorns, unicorn hunting and unicorn hunters within the poly community and recently stumbled over this wonderful comment.

It sort of started me wondering more about the negative stigma associated to this word.

“To many in the poly world, Unicorn Hunters are thought of as a ‘larval form’ of poly, as a stage couples go through before they become ‘real’ poly.” –

Comment by – C Scott Morris on polyspace.wordpress.com

I suppose it comes down to intention and how you plan to treat that new special person, three options exist

  • Equality
  • A secondary by agreement
  • Disposable play thing without needs or rights

My attention has also been drawn to an interesting article on “Couple Privileges” – “Couple Privileges”. I’d never given it much thought until I’d read this several times and let it sink in.

So as it stands now, I guess I’m an ex or at least recovering unicorn hunter.

My aim is now to work with my two wonderful partners on finding that new undiscovered country of equality.

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